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Discovered the secret to happiness and understanding.

Life Path Reading

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Feeling like your life is going nowhere? Feeling overwhelmed, lost and lonely? To walk out of darkness, you begin by accepting your struggles, accept that struggles in life are real. You see, when you struggle you are battling with someone. You may say no, I am not battling anyone but aren't you battling with yourself? Accept that struggles are not just in you but acknowledge also your loved one and others around you. Many at times when someone gives you advice, you say you understand and can totally resonate But...


Let us take a pause here. Now when you say the word but, are you actually moving forward or going backwards? When there is no sufficient space to go any backward, that is where burdens go deep and locked back into your heart and you lost your inner compass and life direction. 

Open up and don't isolate yourself, you are definitely not ill. Medicine could cure illness if that is the case, rather what you need is to rehabilitate your heart and soul and find back your Spirit. Clearly you are here to change your life, time to stop saying but and find back yourself. I can help you uncover the burdens hidden in your heart, sometimes they are buried for long and too deep that they devoured your life. Take a pause and revisit your heart, allow yourself to speak out and release that pent-up burdens. But what will happen after you share your problems you may be thinking. Rather what will happen if you don't share? Be courageous and face up to your struggles. No more saying of but remember?      

During the Spiritual consultation, I will help peel down the layers in your heart and guide you to face your problems, slowly lead you into reality and receive clarity of your struggles that would release your blocked energy, that you may reconnect back with your strength and hidden gift and find back your direction in life. Are you willing to let go of your struggles? After so long, your emotions may have already died down and ready to drift away but who is the one holding on and not letting go? 

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